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2023 Race Results
Jan 14th, Jan 21st, Jan 28th, Feb 11th, Feb 18th, Mar 4th, Mar 11th, Mar 18th

Mar 25th, Apr 1st, Apr 23rd, Apr 30th, May 6th, May 13th, May 20th, upwood cup
2022 Race Results
Jan 15th, Jan 22nd, Feb 5th, Feb 12th, Feb 20th, Mar 5th, Mar 13th, Mar 19th
Mar 26th, Apr 2nd, Apr 10th, Apr 16th, Apr 23rd, Apr 30th, May 7th, May 21st
Upwood Cup, Jun 11th, Jun 18th, Jun 25th, July 9th, July 23rd, July 30th
Aug 6th, Aug 13th, Aug 20th, Sept 3rd, Sept 10th, Sept 17th, Sept 24th

Oct 1st, Oct 8th, Oct 15th, Nov 12th, Nov 19th, Dec 3rd, Dec 32nd
MAR results

2021 Race Results
Jan 9th, Jan 17th, Jan 23rd, Jan 30th, Feb 7th, Feb 20th, Feb 27th, Mar 6th, Mar 13th
Mar 20th, Mar 27th, Apr 4th, Winter series, Apr 11th, May 1st 
Upwood Cup Leg1, Upwood Cup Leg2, Upwood Cup Results
May 29th, Jun 5th, Jun 12th, Jun 19th, Jun 26th

MAR Division, MAR Corrected, MAR First Across
July 4th, July 10th, July 17th, July 24th, July 31st, Aug 8th, Aug 14th, Aug 21st
Aug 28th, Sept 5th, Sept 12th, Sept 19th, Sept 25th, Oct 2nd, Oct 10th, Oct 30th
Nov 6th, Nov 13th, Nov 20th, Dec 4th 
Spring/Summer/Tom Barker results

2020 Race Results
MAR Division, MAR Corrected, MAR First Across
Winter Series, Spring Series
 Jan 25th, Feb 8th, Feb 15th, Feb 22nd, Mar 1st, Apr 4th, Apr 11th, Apr 18th, May 3rd, May 9th
upwood cup race, May 23rd, May 30th, Jun 6th, Jun 13th, Jun 21st, Jun 27th, July 5th
July 12th, July 18th, July 25th, Aug 1st, Aug 9th, Aug 15th, Aug 30th, Sept 5th, Sept 12th
Sept 27th, Oct 3rd, Oct 10th, Oct 17th, Oct 24th, Oct 31st, Nov 7th, Nov 14th, Nov 21st
Nov 28th, Dec 5th, Dec 12th, Dec 27th
2019 Race Results
Fall Series
Dec 8th, Dec 29th, Sept 7th, Sept 21st, Sept 28th, Oct 5th, Oct 12th, Oct 19th, Nov 2nd, Nov 10th, Nov 30th
July 13th, July 20th, July 27th, Aug 3rd, Aug 10th (vananda), Aug 17th, Aug 24th, Aug 31st
MAR divisions, MAR 1st across, MAR corrected
June 22nd, June 30th, July 6th
Apr 28th, May 5th (upwood cup), May 11th, May 19th, May 25th, Jun 8th, June 15th
Jan 20th, Jan 27th, Feb 2nd, Feb 24th, Mar 16th, Mar 23rd, Mar 30th, Apr 14th, Apr 20th
2018 Race Results
Jan 6th, Feb 10th, Feb 17th, Mar 3rd, Mar 10th, Mar 17th, Mar 24th, Mar 31st, Apr 14th, Apr 21st 
Apr 28th, May 5th, Secret Cover Cruise, May 19th, May 25th, Jun 2nd, Jun 9th, Jun 23rd
Winter Series 2017/18, MAR results, July 1st, July 7th, July 14th, July 28th, Aug 4th
Aug 11th, Aug 18th, Aug 25th, Sept 1st, Sept 8th, Sept 23rd, Sept 29th, Oct 6th, Oct 13th
Oct 20th, Oct 27th, Nov 4th, Nov 10th, Nov 17th, Nov 24th, Dec 1st, Dec 8th, Dec 30th

2017 Race Results
Jan 7th, Jan 15th, Jan 21st, Jan 28th, Feb 11th, Feb 18th, Feb 25th, Mar 4th, Mar 19th, Mar 25th
Apr 1st, Apr 15th, Apr 23rd, Apr 30th, May 21st, May 27th, Jun 24th, July 2nd, July 8th, July 9th, July 15th
July 22nd, July 29th, Aug 5th, Aug 12th, Aug 19th, Aug 26th, Sept 2nd, Sept 10th, Sept 16th, Sept 23rd, Sept 30th, Oct 7th, Oct 14th, Oct 28th, Nov 4th, Nov 12th, Dec 3rd, Dec 23rd
MAR corrected results
MAR division results
MAR finish results
Summer Series
Summer series - Tom Barker Award

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